Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

What if plans change and pickup doesn’t work on the day originally scheduled due to either the customer or Silly Sausage?
We understand last minute things can come up. As we frequently come to all our delivery cities we will hold onto your order till the next delivery date scheduled to that city. If you are unable to make it or would prefer not to, we can cancel your order and give you a store credit for use at a later delivery date within 1 year. We are not able to do refunds.

What if I didn’t like my order or change my mind after I get it?
We’re sorry to hear that! We strive to provide products that will be liked by a wide variety of customers. However, all food sales are final and we are unable to take back the product.

What if something is wrong with my order?
If something is wrong with your order please contact us at within 7 days of picking up your order. We will not issue a store credit if it has been months since picking up your order.

What if I forget to pick up my order?
We will try our best to reach you to remind you to come. If your order is in the west kootenays and we are unable to reach you, we will hold your order till the next time we come or provide you with a store credit.

Can you guarantee which farm the meat in my sausage is from?
No, we only use BC meat but as we use a large variety of farms we cannot guarantee any specific sausage is from any specific farm. (Some beef comes from Alberta). We do our best to get as local, happy, healthy meat as we can. All our pork has no added hormones or steroids and is checked to make sure there are no antibiotics at the time of slaughter.

Do you add preservatives, nitrates or chemicals into your sausages?
No, as we make our sausages fresh and freeze them the same day, we do not add any preservatives or chemicals! We also don’t add in gluten, fillers or weird ingredients!

Why do I have to prepay for my online order?
We have lots of no-shows when people don’t prepay and it wastes lots of time and product. If you have extenuating circumstances about why you can’t prepay please contact us

Do you do house delivery?
Yes, we can do house delivery if you live within city limits in the kootenays. We don't currently offer home delivery in the Okanagan. Please contact us at with any questions. When checking out please click ship/local delivery. For order $0-44 its a $10 fee, order $45-149 its $5 fee, and for orders over $150 its free.