Kootenay Delivery Schedule

Kootenay Delivery Schedule

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Hi, I was looking at your listing – wondered what the weight is of one package (looks like a package contains 8 sausages for $10). Couldn’t find a contact email on your website, so asking this way.



We purchased some of your Maple/Apple breakfast sausage last week in Nelson at the fair. Your sausage was so delicious I would like to purchase more. Do you ship to the USA?


Hi.. do you do home delivery as I do not have a vehicle? I live in Kimberley, bc.. thank you and what is your form of payment?

Karen Bystrom Chambers

Do you have a Kelowna retail outlet or is it delivery only?


Absolutely magnificent sausages and the cheddar and chive burgers were marvelous! Our family is now addicted to You Silly Sausage products. The quality of these products is superb.

Kathryn Jones

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